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Tips On How To Choose A Children's Dentist

It is always a good feeling when a parent notices a tiny tooth sprouting out of their baby’s gums. The tooth indicates that the baby is developing well. Along with the excitement comes the important task of finding and choosing the best dentist to help take care of the child’s teeth.

The dentist will always schedule regular checkups to ensure that your child’s teeth grow healthy and strong. Take note that children’s immune system is still low and they are prone to infections.

Despite the benefits, a dental hospital can be a scary place not only for adults but for kids too. This is why it is important to find a good paediatric dentist. These dentists are well trained to deal with children during checkups. They know how to talk to the kids and take away their fears. This makes the child trust them.

Finding a good childrens dentist is not an easy task. Here are important tips to put in mind when choosing one:

1. Certification and Qualifications

You should only choose a paediatric dentist who has completed a course in paediatric dentistry. The course should have been done at a certified institution. The Australian Dental Council also requires that any practicing dentist should be registered with the local State Dental Board. Remember to check on that too. 

2. Active License

Paediatric dentists should have valid licenses permitting them to practice their profession within the country. You’re likely to see these licenses and certifications displayed at the reception area of their clinics.

3. Location

Choose a dental clinic located near your neighbourhood. You can pass by the clinic for a quick tour prior to your appointment, just to make your child feel comfortable with it. Alternatively, you can just point out the clinic as a visual cue for your child if you don’t have time to get in.

4. Communication and Behaviour Management Skills

Look for a dentist who can communicate well with kids and who understands their characteristic behaviours. The dentist should be able to calm kids down and take away their fears. He/ she should also be patient and polite to kids. A friendly dentist can build a lot of trust with kids just by smiling while greeting them.

5. Experience and Knowledge

The right dentist should be knowledgeable about all procedures used in treating children. Go for a dental professional who has worked with kids before and can perform a number of procedures correctly.

6. Dental Clinic and Equipment

Visit and survey the clinic before settling on a dentist. During this survey, ensure that the dentist has a well-equipped clinic. The clinic should have all necessary equipment like oxygen tanks, intubation sets, papoose boards and pulse oximeters. It should also be child friendly. A well equipped clinic tells a lot about the dentist.

7. Do Your Research

Ask around about the paediatric dentist you have in mind. You can get a lot of information and reviews from other parents, doctors and even from the internet.

You can also look for a dentist who supports the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. This is a scheme run by the government for children aged between 2-7 years. The scheme offers $1,000 of dental benefits. You will not be charged if your child is covered by this scheme.

Kid holding toothbrush after going to children dentis

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